A revolutionary new approach to rodent pest control.


What is the Piedpiper project?       Piedpiper is a consortium of universities and small companies that have come together to develop a new generation of pest control devices for rats and mice. Over the period of the allocated grant and beyond, this site will be used to document the progress of the project and will include other topics of interest such as ongoing development of the research and the path to being marketed in the EU. We will be adding to the website on a regular basis with updates and topical articles relating to rodent problems. Please send us an enquiry for further information.

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The project which is funded by the EU Commission through REA (the Research Executive Agency) through the Seventh Framework or FP7. The grant for this project is specifically called "Research grants for the advantage of SME’s (Small Medium Enterprises)”, is highly competitive, and applications are accepted from consortia throughout the whole EU, but only the best 100 or so projects each year get funded. This grant process takes place annually and is of great assistance to small innovative companies and groups who dont have the research capabilit or resources to put their innovations into practice.



Rodents have always been a risk to mankind. Rats and mice carry over 70 diseases that can be transmitted to humans; they also cause economic damage to crops, buildings and infrastructure that runs into billions of Euros per year. The rat population of the world is expanding rapidly and our current control systems are just not effective. All of the current electro mechanical devices have a carbon footprint with daily visits to reset/re-bait them and remove dead animals. The toxin (eg warfarin) bait systems also require frequent visits to check on consumption and to re-bait. 

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Through the integration of new technologies proposed by the 4 participating SME organisations and with outsourced research capacity of European leading RTD performers, the Piedpiper project aims to develop a new generation pest control device that will overcome the limitation of existing approaches in an environmental cost effective manner.