A revolutionary new approach to rodent pest control.

October - PiedPiper received its first UK patent this months after having filed the first application in March 2009. We have 20 more claims in process and intend to file further IP in the near future.


November - Final meeting of the consortium PiedPiper - the next meeting will be under the new grant PiedPiper DA and will see a couple of changes in the structure of the group. EU rules do not allow RTD's to participate - all organizations have to be SME's. Thankfully IRIS an RTD in PiedPiper - will become a SME member of the PiedPiper DA. Aston and Burgos will not be members of the PiedPiper DA consortium but we will welcome some Aston staff and we will continue to receive consumables from University of Burgos.


November - So the final meeting is over - I would like to personally thank everyone and all of the organizations that have worked with us, supported us and encouraged us. We have achieves an immense amount in PiedPiper. FP7's are not supposed to be pioneering research but that is in effect what we have ended up doing. The project has been an enormous success in terms of developing a viable alternative pest control system. Yes we need now to move through the regulatory phase and then to market. Both of these stages require funding to get there.


I would like to on behalf of PiedPipers members thank the EU Research Executive Agency for their faith in picking our project (after an extensive period of evaluation and due diligence) to fund us under the FP7 Research for the advantage of SME's grant 286852. Capacities section.